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Experienced Structural

Engineers across Manchester

Healey Consulting have 30 years of experience providing professional domestic and commercial structural engineering services in and around Rochdale, Manchester and across North West.

Our staff will provide you with a complete service. Whether you’re looking for advice on alterations to your own home or a full structural breakdown of your warehouse with AutoCAD and 3D modelling, you’ve come to the right place.

Our structural engineers work closely with our clients and architects to make sure that the service you receive is exactly what you want. So call Healey Consulting today to take the stress out of your structural engineering needs.

Our Services

Our Rochdale and Manchester-based practice provides a range of surveying and BIM-compliant structural engineering services. Our structural engineers have a broad and deep range of industry knowledge to their names, enabling us to provide expert and informed recommendations in a wide range of domains.

BIM-Compliant Structural Engineering: Ahead of the Curve

At Healey Consulting we are committed to constant and continued innovation, and frequently assess and upgrade our capabilities. We invest ample resources into exploring and adopting the latest and greatest technological advances in the industry. Our BIM-compliant structural engineering approach makes use of cutting edge 3D modelling and AutoCAD software, in order to enhance the precision with which we can identify and take action in addressing residential, commercial or industrial structural engineering faults. All our engineers our highly proficient in use of these cutting edge tools.

Advanced Technology With a Personal Touch

Approaching almost three decades in the structural engineering trade, our family run business has thrived on our status as long-term, highly valued partners to our clients. You are not merely consumers of our services: we strive to build and maintain personal relationships and to give you a reason to return.


Healey Consulting has almost 30 years of experience contributing to and enhancing structural engineering projects.

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