Structural Engineering

Temporary Works in Manchester

Healey Consulting has a wealth of experience in assessing and designing temporary works specific to individual projects. Temporary works represent the initial phase of a construction project, the foundation necessary to make way for the subsequent permanent works to be constructed. Although these works are temporary, their importance should not be underestimated: they are equally important to the final construction, and a lack of adequate attention and considered preparation can have serious consequences such as structural flaws, the collapse of permanent or temporary works, damage to nearby properties and even injuries. The structurally engineered temporary works are therefore of critical importance

Cost and Time Effective Structural Engineering Temporary Works Solutions

We develop designs that take into account the particular challenges of your site and project. Working closely with contractors we provide cost and time effective solutions which address the specific risks for each project. A safe and well-designed solution results in efficiency, quality, timeliness and reduced costs.

Healey Consulting creates designs taking account of the specific challenges of your particular project, site and requirements. We work side by side with our contractors and provide cost-effective solutions tailor-made to address the specific risks of every project. Efficiency, quality, punctuality and diminished costs are the natural results of our highly streamlined and collaborative way of working.

Our Expertise

Our wealth of expertise encompasses a range of areas:

  • Structural support: covers both new construction projects and refurbishment, such as : temporary platforms, façade retention, needling propping, falsework & framework propping and more.
  • Ground works: cutting and embankment stability, piling mats, thrust walls, shoring and rafts, and more.
  • Other temporary designs include: masonry restraint, site hoarding, fencing, monitoring systems, lifting beams and more.

Have any further questions about how our structural engineers can improve your temporary works?

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