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Structural Engineering

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Whether you’re looking for advice on alterations to your own home, or you’re seeking a comprehensive structural breakdown of your warehouse using 3D modelling and AutoCAD, you’ve come to the right place. Our structural engineers work closely with our clients and architects to make sure that the service we provide meets your precise specifications and needs.

Healey Consulting provides a broad range of structural engineering services, for domestic, commercial, industrial or residential clients. We cast a wide net, with a deep well of expertise in the following domains:

 Structural surveys – Local  Structural reports
 Structural calculations  Surveys
 Mortgage reports  Insurance reports
 Subsidence and structural faults  Underpinning calculations
 Design service  Civil engineering
 3D modelling

Chartered engineers sign off all our structural engineering work, and we are fully PI-insured for our design work.

Our Services

Our Rochdale and Manchester-based practice provides a range of surveying and BIM-compliant structural engineering services. Our structural engineers have a broad and deep range of industry knowledge to their names, enabling us to provide expert and informed recommendations in a wide range of domains.

Full Professional Indemnity Insurance For All Design Work

Healey Consulting makes sure to provide full Professional Indemnity Insurance for all design work. We pride ourselves in putting our clients’ minds at ease, in providing this.

A Team of Experts

Our firm blends the personal touch of a small firm with the experience and knowledge of seasoned structural engineering experts. Our small team has a hugely varied knowledge of the industry, making us well placed to advise our clients on a wide range of projects: commercial, residential, industrial or otherwise.

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